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Operate Your Café like a Pro

RMS 360 – Premium coffee shop management system for you to manage, track and analyze every aspect of your café.

Software that works for you

As a café owner/manager, you probably know that running a food place business requires a certain level of care, accuracy, and attention. There are multiple things to be taken care of – that too on an everyday basis.

This can give rise to frustration, human errors, and fraudulent transactions. In the end, most managers are not able to keep up with the day-to-day demands of their business.

That is where RMS 360 comes into the picture. This trustable coffee shop management software is designed to work for you and handle all your business’s difficult daily tasks.

RMS 360 for Pakistan-based coffeehouses

Coffee and tea culture is a prominent part of Pakistan. People love grabbing a quick cup of hot beverage almost every other day. Because of this, many coffee and teahouses can be found across the country.

The Pakistani restaurant/café market has an overall value of approximately one billion dollars. The food & beverage industry is the second-largest in the country, next to textiles. So, how can you tap into this lucrative space?

The answer is simple: Through revolutionizing your brand, consistently attracting new customers and presenting them with an out-of-the-world experience.

Modernize & stand out

Our coffee shop management system is here to make you stand out from the giant pool of cafes in Pakistan. It can also contribute to higher employee satisfaction.

Not only does RMS 360 help digitize your brand, but it also modernizes and simplifies your shop’s entire operation process, which can potentially lead to a positive reputation and better marketing.

In other words, it has been developed to revitalize your coffee shop brand through smart technology that devotes itself to getting real results for you, your team, and your business.

A survey suggests that foodies from ages 21 to 34 have admitted to feeling irritated while waiting for a long time for their bill at an eatery. So, speed is definitely crucial to a café’s long-term success.

Customer satisfaction & brand loyalty

A coffee shop is a place where customers come to relax and de-stress. So, you want to make their whole experience of buying from your café extremely easy with the help of technology.


RMS 360 offers self-ordering service for your customers. According to a survey, 42% of customers say they usually prefer self-service technology, if available.

Contactless QR Payments

With its quick, contactless QR payment process, RMS 360 aims at improving a business’s overall customer experience while being safe and health-conscious. Receipt generation is also quite fast.

Swift Deliveries

Our coffee shop management software can also increase order turnaround time by streamlining the working process in your kitchen and other areas, hence resulting in even great customer satisfaction levels.

Behind-the-scenes management

There are uncountable factors to be managed behind the scenes of a café. These factors can make or break your eatery’s future.

According to Square (2021), 90% of eateries believe that through technological automation, their staff would be able to focus on other necessary tasks.

RMS 360 can help you with almost everything here, including:

  • Inventory management & maintenance
  • Order management
  • Vendor management & supply chain optimization
  • Making decisions that are data-driven
  • Analytics & future planning through real data
  • Tracking current food trends

Your tech accountant

Our coffee shop management system can enable you to always keep your finances in check. This software has been packed with various money-management services, including:

  • Employee payroll management
  • Current sales insights & future forecasting
  • Organized budgeting

Thus allowing you to reduce costs, save more and make other vital business decisions with the help of real facts and figures.

Multiple locations, one System

Our coffee shop management software authorizes users to manage operations and handle staff at more than one location, simultaneously.

RMS 360 will empower you as an eatery manager/owner to lead teams more efficiently, conveniently, and smartly.


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