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Comprehensive Cloud-Based Restaurant Management Software Solutions Tailored to Help Your Business Grow


ERP Software Created Just for You

RMS 360 offers the best ERP software for restaurants that is revolutionizing the restaurant industry’s landscape by providing complete optimization and control to the hands of the restaurant manager.

Now, you can make reliable connections with software and transform your restaurant into a high-end, exclusive, and well-functioning, fine-dining eatery.

RMS 360 for UAE-based Eateries

We want to empower restaurant operators in all of UAE and help them scale their food business by simplifying business operations and providing an exceptional customer experience. 

Improve Workflow and Fine-tune Your Approach

Customize your services and leverage technology to make suggestions to customers, personalize offers based on acquired customer data, and note every detail of your customers’ orders.

We boast an eclectic range of management tools that keep a track of your revenue and help follow the performance of the employees and their compensation.

Our inventory management tools will help you stock and replenish your supplies and develop a clear overview of the business with built-in reports.

Our software is highly user-friendly so you wouldn’t be requiring any extensive and complex training for it.

Run Your Business at Full Capacity

Sync your menu with what you are displaying on your application and social media accounts. Manage your digital profile and extend your reach.

All Data in One Place

ERP solutions are introduced to create central databases and keep your data stored in one location so that it can be accessed by everybody. This will allow you to modify the menu of the restaurant easily, deduct waiting time, place orders accurately, and ensure payments are made correctly.

Customized Services

Did you know: Leveraging digital menu boards potentially leads to a yearly $16,000 increase in-store sales per unit (Presto, 2021).

This figure illustrates that using technological innovation to your benefit can help you widen your profit margin. Our software aims to automate your business processes and offer various restaurant-specific, cloud-based solutions.

Track your Sales

Dubai is considered to be a global hub that hosts millions of tourists every year. UAE has garnered a lot of popularity over the years essentially because of the vast technology spread and use. The restaurant management software in UAE will help managers and owners to track sales and keep detailed tabs on all the sales.

Reduce Labor Costs

This software solution handles all time-intensive jobs and allows employees to focus on more crucial matters. It schedules team meetings and team duties faster than before and automatically transfers all purchase and sales data for smart scheduling and forecasting.

Drive Profitability

78% of restaurants say that the use of digital menus leads to significant benefits (Square, 2021). The RMS 360 software has been designed to boost your brand’s profitability. It determines various portioning modules and improves cost control by various methods.

Inventory Optimization

Our fully automated replenishment inventory management can increase your revenue and improve customer satisfaction. We minimize food wastage and balance stock levels by accurate demand predictions. We ensure full traceability and transparency.

RMS 360 is for you IF you want to

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