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    Combining Taste with Tech

    RMS 360 – Your restaurant management software dedicated towards tackling your food brand’s every need, from start to finish.

    An Eatery’s Best Friend

    RMS 360 is a one-stop shop for your eatery. It packs numerous services into one system, all at your fingertips.

    From helping you analyze profit margins to calculating labor costs and managing inventories, RMS 360 is the only restaurant management system you will ever need for your business.

    Our Purpose

    RMS 360 was founded in 2020 to address and solve a variety of problems restaurant/café owners face today, including:

    • Vendor management
    • Health & safety
    • Human errors
    • Streamlining operations

    Who We Serve & What We Serve

    We have developed effective and fruitful restaurant management software for restaurants as well as cafes/coffeehouses in Pakistan and UAE, especially Dubai, to facilitate large foot traffic of customers and assist restaurant owners to extract, organize, and manage sales, labor data, payments, inventory levels, invoices, and other similar reports.

    Our Story

    The idea of RMS 360 started developing when COVID-19 was at its peak. Many restaurants and cafes were closing their doors mainly due to:

    • Safety issues
    • Not having enough customers
    • Management issues
    • Absence of necessary resources

    So, we got to work and started brainstorming how we can help restaurants/cafes resolve these problems. There are uncountable risks and challenges food places have to deal with on a daily basis.

    RMS 360 is our way of helping restaurant owners and managers deal with these problems and move in the direction of success.

    The Team behind RMS 360

    RMS 360 is a result of the combined efforts of our team, which includes tech professionals and software experts with a deep knowledge of the restaurant industry and customer demands.

    We wanted to launch a product that pinpoints the exact problems business owners are facing currently and helps them effectively combat these issues through technology.

    Our Mission

    We are on a mission to transform restaurants into smart eateries. We operate at the injunction of innovation and passion to boost the business of our clients and evolve continuously with the ever-changing industry landscape.

    We want to transform the way the food industry works and enable businesses to run on minimal resources by providing everything they need in one place.

    Our Vision

    We aim to equip owners/managers with the right tools that they need to challenge the norm; we are turning ambitions into reality and defying the status quo by kindling the potential of restaurants.

    Our future vision is to eventually expand to as many areas as possible, so that eatery owners have easy access to RMS 360.

    Our Priority

    At RMS 360, we put customer service first. Our intuitive tools are designed precisely to meet the complex needs of your restaurant/s so that you can create an unforgettable experience and deliver unmatched service to your customers.

    Not only that, but our team makes sure that you are assisted in the best way possible. Our customer support is available to help whenever needed.

    Our Core Values


    To always be honest and upfront with our clients regarding our service and be fully transparent about our working process.


    Our team takes full responsibility for the service we provide to our esteemed clients and is always ready to serve them.


    We always strive to bring our RMS 360 users the best of the best. We will continue to work hard to achieve excellence for our clients.


    We know that every business has unique needs. For this, we like to collaborate with clients and personalize our services for them.


    We want to innovate every single eatery brand out there through a forward-thinking mindset and by adapting our services to the changing trends.


    For us, the satisfaction of restaurant owners, managers, customers, and staff always comes first.


    Have any questions? We would love to answer!

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